Open Water Diver


SSI certification

Are you ready for the ultimate way to explore underwater? Start freediving and experience the ocean in an exciting new way as you explore pristine dive sites on a single breath. With no heavy equipment, you will move underwater with ease and find a complete sense of becoming one with the ocean. Learning to freedive is much easier than you think with our range of recreational freediving programs for all ages.

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Courses include classroom training at the Beach House, in-water training at our pool located the Sheridan Hotel, shore diving at Scuba Beach, and check-out dives as part of our boat tours.

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Basic Freedive Feature

Learning to freedive is easier than you think

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Freedive Levle Feature

Become a confident and safe freediver in no time

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Level 1

Tech Dive Feature

Take freediving to another level

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Level 2

Monofin Feature

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All of nature’s best freedivers have monofins

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