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Swimming is an essential life skill that brings families together and keeps children – and adults – safe in and around water for a lifetime. Gain skill, improve technique, then take it to the open water with free diving and mermaiding.

Baby Lessons X

Baby Levels 1 & 2

Help your child learn breath control and stay safe in and around the water. Parents and teachers work with children under 3 years old together.

Aquatike X

Aquatike Level 1-3

For your 3-year old, our 3 levels of instruction accommodate different speeds of learning and proficiency. Leave Aquatike 3 able to swim 6 meters.

Preschool X

Preschool Levels 1 & 2

Whether your preschooler has graduated from Aquatike 3, or if they’re new to the water, the preschool program will help 4-5 year olds overcome their fears and develop confidence in the water.

Beginner X

Beginner Levels 1-3

For children aged 5-15, divided by maturity level, youth swimmers hone their coordination and have fun becoming safe in and around water.

Swim Interm X

Intermediate 1 & 2

After graduating Beginner 3, students work their way up to swimming a full length of the pool, doing flip turns, and treading water.

advanced child lessons

Advanced 1 & 2

For swimmers aged 5-17, the Advanced levels prepare kids for swimming at a competitive level. They’ll learn breaststroke and butterfly, while increasing their endurance in the pool.

Course Calendar

Swim lessons are held at our dedicated pool located at the Sheridan Hotel in Tumon Bay.

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