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Swimming is an essential life skill that brings families together and keeps children – and adults – safe in and around water for a lifetime. Gain skill, improve technique, then take it to the open water with free diving and mermaiding.

Baby Lessons X

Baby Levels 1 & 2

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Aquatike X

Aquatike Level 1-3

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Preschool X

Preschool Levels 1 & 2

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Beginner X

Beginner Levels 1-3

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Swim Interm X


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Swim Interm X


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Freedive X

Basic Free Diving

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Freedive Level X

Free Diving Level 1

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Monofin X


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Mermaid X

Basic Mermaiding

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Model Mermaid X

Model Mermaiding

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Ocean Mermaid X

Ocean Mermaiding

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Course Calendar

Courses include classroom training at the Beach House, in-water training at our pool located at the Sheridan Hotel.

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Minimum Age

Divers must be at least 10 years old to begin training for Open Water Diving certification.

Training Prerequisites

SSI Entry-Level Programs – Open Water Diving, Freediving Level 1, or Mermaid require students to complete a water fitness evaluation prior to open water training. The goal of this evaluation is to determine a comfort level baseline consisting of:

  • Swim Assessment
  • Survival Float

Training Requirements

To start training, students must create a MySSI profile. This can either be done via the SSI website at my.divessi.com/register or by installing the MySSI App.

Simply download the app for either iOS or Android, set up the user profile, and access the world of diving in minutes! The MySSI App safely stores everything in one place, online or offline – training materials, logbook, and certification cards. This includes Recreational Scuba, Extended Range, Freediving and Mermaid

Medical and Administrative Requirements

Each student or candidate must complete the required SSI Training Record Forms prior to participating in any SSI training program. The forms for m\inors must be reviewed and signed by a parent or guardian.

Responsible Diver Code

Diver Medical & Questionaire or Physician’s Approval to Dive (where required)

Training Assumption of Risk, Liability Release, & Hold Harmless Agreement (where required / not applicable within the European Union)

Program-specific Completion Record (done by the Instructor prior to certification)