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Continue your adventures and get the skills and experience you need to dive the world’s best dive sites, with SSI advanced training programs. Whatever your passion is, we have an SSI Specialty for your needs, because you can choose from over 20 individual programs. When you complete a certain number of specialties, you’ll also automatically earn the SSI Specialty Diver, SSI Advanced Open Water and SSI Master Diver ratings. These ratings display your competency and build a solid base for more adventures to come.

Specialty Bundle Feature

Master two skills in two days by enrolling in a specialty bundle course.


Nitrox X


Extend your dive time, shorten your surface intervals and spend more time exploring the dive sites you love, with the SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty certification program.

Perfect Buoyancy X

Perfect Buoyancy

The SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty is the best way to improve your body position for relaxed dives, lower your air consumption and increase your bottom times.

Wreck Diving X

Wreck Diving

Do you want to explore iconic towering shipwrecks and dive World War airplanes covered in vibrant marine life? Discover the world of wreck diving and get started today.

Deep Diving X

Deep Diving

Many exciting and iconic dive sites lie in deeper waters. The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will get you there – safely and with confidence. Learn how to plan and conduct dives to between 18 and 40 meters

Photo And Video X

Photo and Video

Learn how to take underwater photos that capture your dive highlights and incredible marine life encounters with the SSI Photo & Video Specialty program.

Night Dive X

Night Diving

Diving does not end when the sun goes down! Become a night diver and meet the incredible marine life that only comes out at night.

Course Calendar

Courses include classroom training at the Beach House, in-water training at our pool located at the Sheridan Hotel, shore diving at Scuba Beach and check-out dives as part of our boat tours.

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