Truk Lagoon (Chuuk) Dive Trip Specials

The myths about Truk:  It's all deep diving and all technical diving. Pure nonsense.

Pros: The #1 dive destination in the world for wreck divers. Most of the wrecks also have an enormous amount of coral and marine life on them. We call them "ship reefs".  Easy dives, most are between 25-90ft. WW2 history. No currents. Where else can you go down and stand under the ship, pretend to hold it up, take each others picture, and then realize there's a whole community of big fish there. You don't have to be either advanced or wreck certified.  They now have a couple of extremely good reefs in the lagoon that have an abundance of sharks, and you can even snorkel with them

Cons: Don't dive the outer walls.  There's better places to do this. Don't walk around town after dark. There is NO night life unless it's at the resorts you stay at.

FYI, I've put together a list of what to do, what to bring, and general info on diving Chuuk here 

See what others have said about the hotels. 

Blue Lagoon Resort / Dive Shop
Blue Lagoon Resort and Dive Shop website


United Airlines flies round trip to Chuuk four times a week.    The Outgoing flights (Guam to Chuuk) are Mon/Wed/Fri mornings & Sun evening. The return flights (Chuuk to Guam) are Tue/Thu/Sat afternoons & Mon very early AM.



Monday-Thursday -or- Wednesday-Saturday 7 Dive Package

includes: 3 Nights hotel room, airport transfers, 7 dives

Blue Lagoon Resort: $519.00

Friday-Tuesday 10 Dive Package
includes: 4 Nights hotel room, airport transfers, 10 dives

Blue Lagoon Resort: $706.00

Monday-Saturday -or-Friday-Thursday 13 Dive Package
includes: 5 Nights hotel room, airport transfers, 13 dives
Blue Lagoon Resort: $895.00

Note: We have not included in the package above any flight returning to Guam on the very early am Monday flight because you can't dive the day before and you get charged for an extra night.  Basically it's a wasted day.

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED: Airfare, $20 departure tax, $50 diver permits unless indicated. We also can get a very low air ticket price for you if you book well in advance.

DESIGN your own package. A day of exploring, night dives, nitrox, 3 in a room, etc.

See some of the wrecks and decide what you want to dive on right here.

Take a look at many of the videos from our Diver Below TV series when we went to Chuuk.

The fine print is here. PLEASE read it!

VALID DATES & PRICES: Bookings are subject to availability of rooms. Upgrades to deluxe rooms are optional if you want them, or if the standard rooms are not available.  We are dependent upon our travel partners pricing, availability, and schedules. These packages are subject to change at any time.

MIN # OF DIVERS: These are per person rates based upon 2 people sharing a standard room. It's also possible to add a third bed but not more than 3 can stay in the same room.

SINGLE OCCUPANCY? If you want a room to yourself you'll have to pay a single supplemental room charge.

PAYMENTS: If you are going to arrange your own air travel you can pay that directly to the airline. All payments for the trip go to Axe Murderer Tours.

DEPOSIT: Please note that these trips are very popular so we're not kidding when we say get your deposit in early. An initial deposit of $300 of the dive package (airfare excluded) is required to make a reservation. The deposit "holds" your spot on the trip and unless specifically indicated deposits are not used as airline deposits. The balance of payment must be done no later than 40 days prior to your departure.

CANCELLATIONS / REFUNDS:  Our cancellation policy is totally dependent upon either (or both) the airline or resort cancellation policies. We have absolutely no control over these.  Generally there are no refunds within 30 days of your departure unless emergency, medical, or legal circumstances prevent you from going. The criteria for this would be military leave cancellations, deployments, and medical emergencies.  In such cases we will need documentation to verify the cancellation. 

In all cases Axe Murderer Tours will retain $75 for administrative costs unless the refund is requested at least 45 days prior to the trip. Then a 100% refund will be issued. Airline tickets are the exception.

How do you get on the trip you choose? Send us an email at or call 671 654-2933