Shark Pits


The Sharks Pit is located just west of the Tipalao housing area on the U.S. naval station. It was once used as a dumping ground for war machinery, vehicles, and for a while, garbage. The area is littered with debris including cafeteria trays, anchors, bottles, live ammunition, jeeps, wheels and landing craft. Sharks were frequent visitors to this area because garbage was dumped over the cliff lines, but it is rare to see one now.

The most obvious feature is a huge rock that was once part of the cliff line. It rises to within 15 feet of the surface on the northwest tip side, and falls off to over 90 ft on all sides. You can easily see the top of this from the boat. There are numerous sea fans at 45 feet on the west side of an adjoining rock, and these fans are probably the shallowest found on Guam. This is a very good area for photograhers to get pictures of many typ

es of fans. Varieties of soft corals also are found here, as well as large schools of yellow and white butterfly fish.

CURRENTS: This location is at a point where the current sweeps around a corner. The currents usually run west to east but it's not uncommon for the current direction to switch mid-dive, so if you are drift diving plan this dive carefully.

Depth Ranges: 40-160'   Exp Level: Experienced  Access by boat    Avg Vis: 70-120'   GPS: 13.25.09N, 144.38.08E