Orote Wall


This can be a drift div and it's main features a knife edged wall dropping from 80-300+ ft.   This is truly a severe drop off!

The upper reef flat starts at the Orote cliffs and is a surprisingly short swim (about 60 yards) southwest to the 80' edge.  As you descend to the wall there’s a good chance of seeing sharks, rays, and over the reef flats, turtles. There are many beautiful sea fans and sea whips along the wall below 120 feet as well as a smaller sponges and soft corals.

For a shallower dive, explore the cliff wall on days when the swell is minimal. It holds many interesting creatures, including small crabs, schooling fish, lobsters and a wide variety of shells.   There are large boulders and rock formations all along the cliffside with schooling yellow snappers, jacks, eels Nigre triggerfish in this area.

CAUTION: You can get very deep vey quickly. Due to its flat upper reef and abrupt drop offs, this area is very susceptible to currents, which usually run west to east. However, It's not uncommon for the current direction to switch mid-dive. Plan this dive carefully.

This is an extremely good NITROX dive and for an experienced deep diver this is an really great dive.

Sea Fans (gorgonians) are related to soft corals and extend in a lacy network of branches. These branches are sued to collect food for the coral. On Guam they are usually found in deep areas or where there is a moderate to strong current to carry food to them.

Depth Ranges: 40-??'   Exp Level: Experienced  Acess by boat    Avg Vis: 70-120'   GPS: 13.26.24N, 144.37.13E