Haps Reef


Haps Reef is frequented as one of Guam’s easiest and most bountiful dive sites. There is a great variety of reef fish and formations at this site. The reef is a huge limestone formation, approximately 75 yards long and 20 yards wide. 

This "reef on a reef" rises 30ft above the bottom. It has a large sand area to the east, and a few smaller sand flats on the south side. Some areas on the reef have suffered from bleaching a few years ago, but there are some beautiful layered corals on the north side. 

Hap's is a fish photographer's dream site, as many types of small reef fish are here, along with many varieties of scorpionfish.  There are thousands of small cracks and crevices in the coral for the fish to hide. The anemones on the top of the reef were transplanted here many years ago. 

CAUTION: Some divers try to make this a shore dive, but Haps Reef is approximately 500 yards off the reef edge so it's a very long swim out.  The prevailing winds are from the northeast which simply means you'll be heading directly into these on the way back after the dive.

To the northeast of the reef there is also a carpet anemone with its resident damsels and shrimp.

Explore the crevices for lionfish and octopi. This is a great photo dive, as almost all small reef fish can be found here, including pufferfish, lionfish and brightly colored butterflyfish

Depth Ranges: 28-60'   Exp Level: Any  Access by boat    Avg Vis: 60-100'   GPS: 13.23.39N, 144.39.13E