Fouha Bay


Fouha Bay is right beside a very distinctive rock protruding upward from the reef flats which, in the past, has been referred to as an ancient phallic symbol! This site offers very interesting diving in a small area for a few divers. The area is very shallow and is pocketed with many caverns and coral ledges that are home to a large population of small fish, shells and large coral formations.

The crevices and swim-throughs hold the usual dark-dwelling fish, such as cardinal fish and squirrel fish, characterized by large black eyes. The caves also hold lionfish and puffers, and the occasional small shark might find refuge in them. This dive is a great site to practice mild cavern diving and become comfortable with small spaces.


Garden Eels are one of the most timid creatures in the oceans. They range in size from 8 to 27 inches tall, are usually light gray/brown in color and live in sand flats that receive a good current. When you see one, there are many more.  These colonies feed on plankton and are extremely shy creatures. When they sleep, these tiny eels bury themselves in the sand.

The only time they leave their lairs is to mate and when they are in extreme danger.  Trying to get a good close up picture of these eels will test your patience!   If you make the mistake of approaching them from above they'll quickly disappear into the sand. Stay very low and move slowly. Good luck.

Depth Ranges: 5-40'   Exp Level: Any  Acess by boat    Avg Vis: 60-100'   GPS: N13 13.26.56N, 144.38.48E