The Crevice is a deep canyon (or large cut in the reef) about 200 yards south of the Orote cliffs. At the mouth of the cut, which is facing west, there's a large boulder which was once part of the cliff line.   If you are going to dive in the crevice, THIS IS A DEEP DIVE.

The top of the large opening is at 90ft and the sand bottom drops slowly from 120- 180ft. Both the north and south walls of the crevice hold numerous sea fans and pelagic fish can be seen swimming through the crevice in search of food.  There are tunnels at both sides of the deeper walls that you can swim through.

Once you have explored the crevice, the upper reef flats begin at 60' and slowly ascend to 40' as you swim towards the Orote cliff line, which is north.

In the reef flats there are many large "boulder fields" that are home to numerous schools of fish, invertebrates, and eels.  On almost every dive you'll see sharks and turtles.  This is an extremely good NITROX dive and for trained deep dives, this is a very good dive.

CURRENTS Due to its flat upper reef and abrupt drop offs into the crevice, this area is very susceptible to currents, which usually run west to east. However, it's not uncommon for the current direction to switch mid-dive, so if you are drift diving, plan this dive carefully.


Depth Ranges: 45-150+   Exp Level: any  Access by boat    Avg Vis: 70-100+'   GPS: 13.26.00N, 144.37.51E