Coral Gardens


This reef is directly east of Anae Island and encompasses a wide shallow area.  It's a great shallow dive. Beautiful coral formations and white, sandy crevices provide habitats for a large variety of fish and invertebrates.

Corals of all shapes, sizes and colors dot the reef, making the site a great place for underwater photography. Clams, anemones and various crustaceans can be found if you pay attention to cracks and crevices. There’s a good chance of finding interesting creatures such as octopi and crabs.

Coral is made up of thousands of tiny organisms called polyps. Though it appears to be rock-like, it is a colony of living, breathing organisms which are dependent upon sunlight and ocean currents to grow. Coral is very sensitive to oils secreted in human hands, so avoid touching it at all times. Many corals, upon contact, leave nasty, stinging cuts and scrapes which can last several days.

Depth Ranges: 5-40'   Exp Level: any  Access by long snorkel out or boat    Avg Vis: 70-100+'   GPS: 13.21.5N, 144.38.2E