Cemetery Wall


The entrance to this dive is behind the Agat cemetery. This could be either a beach or boat dive, but the walk from the beach is a long one, and finding the Amtrak can be difficult.

From the very detailed mind of Parker Van Hecke:

Parking for the Amtrak dive is behind the cemetery in the village of Agat. To begin the dive,  a surface swim is required at a 300° heading all the way out to the end of the pipe which you see on the right. Stay away from the pipe because the breakers get bad.  We tie up the float just about even with the rocks on the left.  This is the staging point for the dive. 

We drop down and go 270° due West.  It okay to meander around the numerous coral heads on the way but the general heading is 270.  You will be heading west for about 12 minutes. After you go past the initial bunch of coral heads and start going over the wide sand area, if you watch closely you’ll be going by three  three coral heads in the middle of the sand. On the first one, there is a very nice anemone.  The second coral head  has a tall rock that looks little like a chimney;  a very good landmark because it tells you that you’re on the right track. The next coral head is the one adjacent to the Amtrak.  It will be just to the left and a little beyond the coral head.  When you see that coral mound, just bear to the left and go straight you’ll see the Amtrak sitting in 40 feet of water. Obviously,  the Amtrak is not a train. 

It’s an amphibious personnel carrier from World War II.   You’ve seen these in the movies;  they carry soldiers from the ship up to the beach, the gate opens and falls down on the beach and the soldiers go charging out of carrier and, unfortunately, the first soldiers out usually are the ones that are killed. The Amtrak is in very good shape and you can spend a little while going around it taking photos but you’re going to be near the half tank point when you get to the Amtrak.  To get back, go over to the reef to enjoy some of that beauty.  Take a heading of  120° from the Amtrak, cross the open sand and you will come up on the reef.  Once you get to the reef, turn to 60° and you will go over some very nice reef structure.  You should run into a mountain of soft coral that just comes out of nowhere.  

When it’s in full bloom,  it’s really a sight to behold. You go past the soft coral mountain to its left through a “V”  and then you turn to 0° and go through the small cut.  Head 60° across the sand channel up and over the Ridge.  This is critical to go across the sand channel because if you go right, you will end up coming up onto the top of the reef where it gets shallow.   There’s a lot of pristine coral that is going to be very difficult to get over to get back to the beginning of the dive.  After you go over the Ridge you’re back on the same track where you came out going West and now you simply turn East and  go back along the reef until you come upon  the flag.  Then head 120° back into the area where you came out on the surface.  If you have enough air,  stay down and enjoy the dive.   There’s lots of different sights to see: coral heads,  fish and all sorts of junk and interesting things on the bottom including an overturned boat and just no telling what might show up on the bottom there.   Go in  as far as you can and  when you get low on air go to the surface,  and just snorkel in.

From a boat, you will descend directly onto the Amtrak, a personnel carrier sunk in WWII. Follow the channel away from the beach and you can go either way along walls covered with marine life.


Depth Ranges: 30-70'   Exp Level: Any  Access by beach or boat    Avg Vis: 30-70'   GPS: 13.23.20N, 144.39.70E