Bile Bay


Bile Bay (pronounced Billy) has been a popular dive site for years. It features an easy beach entry, shallow depths, and calm waters.

The best beach entry is on the eastern end of the bay, where a channel runs out to the reef. Heading north on route 4, you will cross a bridge and see a sign welcoming you to Merizo. Park there, either on the road or on the beach.

NOTE: Please ask permission to enter through private property. There is no public access to this site.

The reef extends outward like a large thumb from the reef flats and slopes down on three sides to 60 feet. Crevices and caves hide an abundant sea life community and mantas have been spotted in the early hours of the morning. Bile Bay is an excellent dive during the day, and also proves to be a thrilling night dive.

Depth Ranges: 15-60'   Exp Level: Any  Access by beach or boat    Avg Vis: 30-70'   GPS: 13.16.36N, 144.39.44E