Anae Caves


The Anae Island caves are openings on the south and north side of the island.  These are easily accessible in calm seas, but should not be entered with any swells present.

This is an unusual and easy dive for every diver. The caverns feature side openings and exits. No cavern diving experience is necessary, but divers are advised to be cautious.

As you descend follow the reef line and be sure to check out the numerous sand patches along the way. Keep a watchful eye out for sleeping sharks and turtles and a variety of fish. As with many caverns, you will find big-eyed squirrel fish, which congregate in schools in the corners of dark spaces in the reef. Their large eyes make them well-suited for dark areas.

You can follow the terrain around to the other side, and directly in front the western side of the reef it drops off to 60-80ft.   Large reef rays are seen here.

Take your light with you to fully explore the caverns. Check the walls for small, colorful invertebrates and the chance of seeing turtles resting under the ledges.


Depth Ranges: 15-40'   Exp Level: Any  Access by boat    Avg Vis: 30-70'   GPS: 13.21.9N, 144.38.8E