Petes Reef


Pete’s Reef is 200 yards east of the tip of Facpi Island and is a very easy dive.   There are several sand channels flanking the sloping reefs. Several large anemones, including a carpet anemone in the sand, dot the reef and are home to brightly-colored clownfish. Look carefully and you will see tiny popcorn shrimp which also make their homes in anemones.

There are many coral "under swims" that divers can actually go under the reef for a short distance. The upper reef flats support many small invertebrates, especially blue and yellow striped nudibranchs and colorful Pincushion Stars.  Check the crevices for lionfish and keep an eye out for clams. Don’t forget to look for flatfish and lizard fish as you pass over the sandy bottom.

This makes a great night dive, with a good chance of finding lobsters and crabs

Depth Ranges: 20-70'   Exp Level: Any  Access by boat    Avg Vis: 70-100+'   GPS: 113.20.2N, 144.38.8E