Black Coral Kingdom


For deep divers, this could very well be THE best dive site on Guam. This is a very deep reef near Facpi Point. It features a severe wall dropping from 150 to more than 200 feet. At the top of the deep reef plateau there is a vertical tunnel about 10' wide that leads directly to a lower reef undercut, more like a cavern, that extends about 30ft under the reef.

iComing out from the cavern to the right and left is a steep wall covered with sea whips, black coral trees, and various gorgonian fans. There are always schools of rainbow runners, barracuda, and resident sharks.

CAUTION: This dive site is for very experienced deep divers only. A redundant air supply is mandatory along with great planning. The current can come up very quickly so allow plenty of air time for decompression stops.

Depth Ranges: 110-200'   Exp Level: Very Experienced  Access by boat    Avg Vis: 100+'   GPS: 13.16.36N, 144.39.44E