The Tunnel


The Tunnel is located about 200 yards north of Double Reef.  It's really just a long undercut below an upper reef layer that you can swim through.  You can enter it from the top of the reef, or from what most divers use as the exit at the sand flats that are adjacent to the reef.

When you go through the tunnel remember to use only your hands to "dog paddle". Your fins wil kick up an enormous amount of sand leaving the divers behind you with some foaul comments on your divingabilities.

The surrounding sand flats are home to garden eels, small nudibranches, and many small "mini" reefs that most divers overlook.  This is a very easy dive so take plenty of time to look around.


Garden Eels are one of the most timid creatures in the oceans. They range in size from 8 to 27 inches tall, are usually light gray/brown in color and live in sand flats that receive a good current.

When you see one, there are many more.  These colonies feed on plankton and are extremely shy creatures. When they sleep, these tiny eels bury themselves in the sand.


The only time they leave their lairs is to mate and when they are in extreme danger.  Trying to get a good close up picture of these eels will test your patience!   If you make the mistake of approaching them from above they'll quickly disappear into the sand. Stay very low and move slowly. Good luck.

Depth Ranges: 30-70'  Exp Level: Any   Access by boat   Avg Vis: 60+   GPS 13.28.52N, 144.42.22E