Piti Channel


Located directly across the street from the Cabras/Piti power plant are two very shallow and distinctive "channels" in the reef.  The channel just west of the Seaman's Club is the inflow water supply for the plant, The 2nd channel, located directly across the street from the main entrance to the plant, is the outflow channel.

For years these were used as training sites for divers, and still offer some very easy dives and quite a variety of marine life.  They are also very good for snorkeling.

The best areas to observe the many small critters here are along the sides of both channels. These dives have been a haven for closeip and macro photographers for years.


Hell's Fire Anemonethese are found in the sand areas on the side and bottom of these channels. These anemones are so named "stinging sea anemones" because of their capacity to sting humans badly. Although all anemones have stinging cells or nematocyst found in their tentacles, these anemones have a dangerous sting that is extremely powerful and is very painful.

Depth Ranges: 5-25'   Exp Level: Any   Access by beach or boat   Avg Vis: 50'   GPS 13.35.9N, 144.49.4E