This deep dive isn't really a pinnacle but it's had this name for years. It's really a deep reef which a relatively flat top. The pinnacle is a large, deep water sea mound with very pronounced drop-offs on the south, west and north sides. Large pelagics including sharks, schooling barracuda and tuna are regularly seen.

Sea fans, sea whips and black coral grow at both ends, adding a burst of color to the reef and providing hiding places for small fish.

The reef is 200 yards long and about 60 yards wide. The top of the reef has very little coral growth. Given the depth, it is difficult to cover the entire reef in one dive, so, to thoroughly enjoy this site, multiple dives are recommended.

CAUTION: Due to the minimum depth of 120ft at the top of the reef, This dive almost always is a decompression dive and there is usually a current sweeping over the top of the reef. Watch your air very carefully and plan this dive accordingly.

Depth Ranges: 120+'   Exp Level: Experienced   Access by boat   Avg Vis: 80-100+   GPS 13.35.9N, 144.49.4E