Pati Point


Rated by many as one of Guam's premier dive sites, Pati Point is located on the extreme northeast corner of Guam (about 75 minutes from Hagatna Boat Basin. This location has a high exposure to the elements and is usually attempted only during the summer months.

Pati Point's most famous feature is a large cavern located at the bottom of the wall in about 115 feet of water. Divers usually start along the cliff line in 20 to 30 feet of water, then follow the wall down to a depth of about 70-90 feet. You'll pass numerous anemones, sea fans, black corals and sea whips with crinoids along your way to the cavern.

Reef sharks are most always present along the wall as are large pelagics. Large grouper, napoleon wrasse, tuna, barracuda and turtles are all common here. Resident nurse sharks are usually found within the cavern entrance along with an abundance of soft corals and fans.

Another, smaller opening

in the wall just past the main cave is known as "Lionfish Cave" and is the home to as many as 8 to 10 lionfish. The wall continues on for another 100 yards where the prevailing currents will usually bring the diver up into shallow water for a convenient safety stop.

CAUTION: Currents at this site can be very strong, especially when tidal change is great. Any diver planning to dive at this location must have a great deal of experience and should be "on top of their game".

WARNING: Although the cavern at Pati Point has several open areas to enter and exit, it should avoided by all but the most experienced divers. Entering a deep water cavern such as this should only be attempted byvey experienced divers with extensive training, experience and the proper equipment for this type of diving

Depth Ranges: 25-130+'   Exp Level: Experienced   Access by boat   Avg Vis: 60-100+