North Caves


The "North Open Cave" (see below) is the most accessible and the Jungle Cave is rarely visited.

OPEN CAVE: This cave, although you are under an overhanging "ceiling", is very accessible through a large sandy entrance at 20 ft. Sun rays pierce through the ovrrhead openings illuminating most of the cave. There are many schools of rabbitfish and snappers under the rock formations.

JUNGLE CAVE: This is an amazing honeycomb formation in Guam’s northern coastline. It offers a twisting, winding passage snaking inland from the ocean which allows divers to explore a cave through an interface of salt, brackish, and then fresh water. And finally a jungle hide out at the same time.

WARNING: This dive requires cave diving skills and definitely requires a safety line and redundant air.. Divers maneuver through dark tunnels of sand, silt, rocks and stalagtites and stalagmites.

The saltwater mixes with fresh, causing a brackish area devoid of fish. Once through that, the freshwater is crystal clear. Shortly after you reach fresh water you ascend into a pool which has an entrance to the jungle.  This entrance is short, but steep and slippery.  Once you get to the top you can see out to the ocean.

*There are many remains of Japanese war artifacts here including cooking utensils, shoes, and grenades. It’s truly an amazing experience, only for the very experienced and very lucky.These were found originally in 1995 and again in later visits to the site. There is very little evidence that anyone else has ever been here for a long time.

JUNE 2013 Update: The entrance to the jungle cave has erroded (a very large rock fell and bkocked the 3' opening)and it's a very difficult entry.

Depth Ranges: 20-60'   Exp Level: Experienced   Access by boat   Avg Vis: 60-100+