Double Reef


The variety of life to be seen in this area is awe-inspiring. The coral is abundant and filled with small crabs, varieties of starfish, and many different species of reef fish. There are two major sand flats, the eastern area has a large reef base in the middle known as Clownfish Rock. There are many anemone colonies on this little reef along with hundreds of various clownfish, ranging from as small as a fingernail to larger than your hand.

The sand flats around the rock is populated by tiny garden eels, which can only be seen by the patient and quiet diver.

The second sand flat also has a rock full of anemones, but the fish are smaller and less abundant, so look a little more closely.

After exploring the sand flats, move toward the breaking waves, under which you can find some of the richest sea life on Guam. The depth of the reef is only about 10 feet here, but you will see a greater variety of coral, fish and invertebrates in this small area than in most other dives on Guam.

Depth Ranges: 30-170'''   Exp Level: Any   Access by boat   Avg Vis: 60-100+  GPS 13.35.7N, 144.49.1E