Camel Rock was named for its resemblance to a camel swimming through the ocean.  It's located just around the corner from MDA and can be seen from the Piti Observatory.  The reef is relatively flat from 15-70 ft, then slopes down to a second deeper reef at approximately 120-140ft.


This reef area is part of a much larger area going northward from Camel Rock that was used as a dumping ground for ordinance after World War II. There are thousands of pounds of ordnance littering the bottom, from .30 caliber machine-gun bullets to 500-lb bombs. Divers have to look carefully, as over 60 years of coral growth has covered some of the bombs.

Caution: Do not pick up or attempt to salvage the ordnance!


Regal angelfish naturally inhabit areas of rich coral growth in both lagoons and outer reefs from 1 to 50 meters deep. They are commonly observed as solitary individuals and in pairs, but can also be seen in small groups. These groups typically consist of one male and two or more females. All regal angelfish never stray far from a reef coral formation or crevice.   Sponges are their food of choice on the reef.



Depth Ranges: 40-120'''   Exp Level: Any   Access by beach or boat   Avg Vis: 60-100+  GPS 13.28.52N, 144.42.22E