Located on the ocean side of Cabras island, the Amphitheatre features a large rounded and layered area in the reef that resembles an underwater amphitheater.The terrain drops from a shallow upper reef that gradually slopes down to 60-70 ft, then it drops abruptly to more than 160 feet Sharks, tuna, turtles and barracuda are commonly seen here.

This site is prone to a western swell after a storm passes to the west of the island and during the early part of the trade wind season. These swells can make diving at 30 feet somewhat challenging, but once below that depth, it is a relatively simple dive.

CAUTION: When entering from the beach wait a few minutes and watch the swells breaking on the reef. Determine the approximate swell set (how many average height waves until a few bigs ones come in) and it seems to be acceptible to enter so so after the last big swell. On your return stay just outside the break area and do the same thing.

Nudibranchs are small invertebrates that vary in shape, size and color. They resemble slugs and have antennae and external gills which appear near the center of their backs. They are often casually called "sea slugs", a non-scientific term. This has led some people to assume that every sea slug must be a nudibranch. Nudibranchs are very numerous in terms of species, and are often very attractive and noticeable.  They are a favorite for photographers.

Depth Ranges: 35-120'   Exp Level: Experienced   Access by beach or boat    Avg Vis: 60-100+  GPS 13.27.53N, 144.40.29E