QUESTION: Why do you take pictures like this and keep them?  And then...why do you put them on Facebook or somewhere else for everyone to see just how incredibly bad you are at taking pictures! All of these were taken off Facebook.  If you recognize yours you seriously need HELP!

Are you a photographer wannabe? This is someone who swims around cranking off shots, about 50 a minute, with NO thought on what they're doing. And THEN they try to show them to you.  Awful.

This series of web pages is all about digital underwater photography for beginners and those of you that want to increase your "survival rate" of pictures.

Stupid Easy series: how to take pictures underwater, Part 1

If you're a pro at this move to something else.  But if you're not, we can pretty much guarantee that we'll teach you something. It's up to you to discover with a few basic rules your pix will get instantly better.

WHERE TO START:  If you fall into any of these categories we can help. 

"I'm brand new at this and don't really have a clue what I'm doing. "

"My pictures suck and I stink at this."

"I just want to learn more to make my pix look better."

Digital u/w cameras and the ever increasing features that are built into them, have changed everything. You don't even have to know much about photography (but it helps a little) as long as you follow a few very simple concepts. Call em' rules.

Basically, There are 3 different types of photography. Close up or macro, general fish and/or "take a pix of your buddy", and wide angle.   The close up/macro means you want to get as close as possible to (usually) only one subject.  The normal is simply what your camera lens “sees” if you're not taking macro shots. The wide angle lenses let you get more creative and gives the viewer a feel of diving

Note: With the exception of close up/macro photos, the rest of this applies.

The STUPID EASY rules of u/w photography.

FLOOD WARNING: If you violate these rules your camera will automatically flood!  If you follow them you'll smile a lot more when you look at your images.

#1. THE WATER RULE:  Never, repeat NEVER take a picture unless it has at least ¼ to 1/3 of nothing but water in it somewhere. We dive in it and people expect to see it.   The water helps identify what you're shooting at because everyone recognizes water and then won't look there.  They'll try and figure out what else is in the picture, and the water adds a feeling of "depth" to your images.  Remember, we said NEVER. Here are some bad examples:

These two are classic wannabe shots. Both are shot downward and too far away. There is absolutely no distinguishing subject in either picture.  Really boring. Delete em'.

Yeah, I know you have this big fat SD card in the camera and it can hold 8000 images. But they haven't created the SD card to correct all of your lousy pix. Crap in equals crap out.

Challenge #1: Go here to see how other Guam photographers use the 1/3 method.  Just look at any shot that's not macro or close up.

OK, so if they don't violate this rule why should you?