UPDATE: On December 19, 2014 Scubaguam was sold to Axe Murderer Tours and I am have been retained as thier webmaste.


From Pete Peterson, webmaster of Scubaguam.com.

A lot of you have asked "who is this guy" so this is my personal "attaboy".  It's the first and LAST time you'll see it anywhere.   These are short, choppy sentences because I think that way.  Deal with it. I'm too old to change.

I've been on Guam since late 1974 after the Coast Guard gave me a choice of either Guam or an ice-breaker in Alaska.  Linda (my wife and absolutely the BEST influence on me) and I talked this over for about 15 seconds after we found out where Guam was.  We've been here ever since.

My deepest depth was in 1976 to 265 ft to sign a slate on a black coral tree. I don't remember anything after 210'.  Really dumb dive.  I'm a certified deep tech diver but rarely do this anymore. Reason is that I'm not a great fan of hanging on a deco line for more than 10 minute pretending to enjoy it.  I also made quite a few dives in the Coast Guard banging on shackles and chains underneath buoys.

I learned to dive while in the Air Force at Easter Island in 1968.  I think I'm the only person certified on Easter island. Long story so I won't bother you with it.  But, from the moment I first started blowing bubbles I knew I was hooked. After about 20 dives there my next dive was right here on Guam.  I went on to become an instructor in 1977 with PADI, then later on with NAUI, and became a course director for both agencies.

The Coast Guard career brought me to almost every island around Micronesia, and some in the Philippines. Lot's of working dives but lots of fun stuff too.  I retired in 1981. Then I went to work!

For the next 26 years Linda and I were owned and consumed by Micronesian Divers Assn. Then we sold it!  Like many other business owners we loved it most of the time, hated it a few times. But we managed to build it up over the years due to great employees.  We are now happily retired and lovin' it!

I've led over 200 different trips to most of the popular Micronesian islands, and also led groups to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and the Philippines.  I don't think anyone on Guam has more experience leading trips to the islands than I have.

I am currently an independent travel advisor, gardener, and recliner tester.  I lead about 4-5 trips a year from Guam.  On my personal trips I really like to travel with small groups. That way I can pick on em'. I lost my ego a few years ago and never want to see it again.  My wife Linda is my love, best friend and we've been married over 46 years!  How in the hell she's put up with me I'll never understand. Special woman.

I also owned a video production business and we produced a series of TV shows on diving.  Lots of enjoyable work. Now I get to travel all over the pacific, take others with me, and feed my passion for taking videos.

WHY THIS WEBSITE? This website is something I've wanted to do for a couple of years.  It's pretty cool to be able to share a lot of info I've collected over the years on Guam and general diving info so I hope you enjoy it.  All of the opinions are either mine or someone else's that I agree with.

PLEASE feel free to send any comments to me on how it can be improved, problems, etc.

Oh yeah, I still dive a lot!

End of my "attaboy".