Adventure Malapascua

Why go to Malapascua?  Fours hours north of Cebu is the "picture perfect" island of Malapascua. I've been there in 2010, 2011, and 2013.  In late 2013 the island suffered a direct hit from a major typhoon so we delayed our annual trip until 2015 while they rebuild. Guam divers donated over $15,000 to the rebuild.

REASONS #1, 2: Thresher Sharks. Blue Ringed Octopus.

REASON #3: Dive underneath and through Gato Island. Yes, underneath! And sneak up n sleeping sharks on the other side.

REASONS #4-20: It's a lot better to show you what you'll see then write all about it here. These videos are all from previous group trips: Bato Bato Coral Mound, Thresher Shark Dives Gato Island, the reefs of Malapascua pt1, the reef pt 2Blue Ringed Octopus (saw them on 4 different dives) James McLoed has his Malapascua picture album here.

Is it easy to get there?  Relatively. There are daily flights to Manila which connect to convenient flights to Cebu.  From there it's a 3 1/2 hour van ride, followed by a 35 minute boat ride to the island.  Leaving Guam at 8am gets you there by 5pm that day!

If you want to see Thresher sharks, Malapascua is THE place to go. There is not another area in the entire world that will give you the consistent opportunity to see these very unusual sharks. Take a video look here done in June 2013.

DESIGN YOUR OWN custom trip to Malapascua. We just happen to have a special form right here that you can tell us when, where, and how long you'd like to go n your Malapascua special trip.

The resort we are using: Evolution. Just like Mike's in Dumaguete all of the rooms, restaurant, dive shop, lounge chairs and hammocks are all on the same property and very close to each other. They only have 8 deluxe rooms and we have all of them plus the beach and boats are also very close. Take a look.

Thresher Shark Special

Please ask us for specila arrangements to go to Malapascua. The following is a typical 5 dive day trip that's designed to maximize your overall experience there.

Includes: 6 nights at the Evolution Resort and all of the following:

Day 1: Afternoon arrival approx 5pm
Day 2: 3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 3: 3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 4: 3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 5: 3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 6: 3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 7:
: depart 12PM 

transfers to and from the Cebu airport
deluxe room with air conditioner and refrigerator
sanctuary fees
surcharge fees for Gato Island
free wifi at the restaurant  *the early am dive can be skipped once you have a good shark encounter. Or you can continue to do them.
free wifi at the restaurant 

Approximately $$903  per person based upon 2 sharing a room 

$1342 single occupancy

$835 3 people sharing a room

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED: Airfare, Manila airport transfers, airport taxe if applicable, Nitrox. Airfare should be approx $700. *Price might fluctuate slightly due to the peso/dollar exchange rate.

Why go with a group? First, the group size is limited to the availability of cabins which is usually 6-7. Second, the price is lower as transportation costs from Cebu are pretty high for 2-4 pax, but with a group we get a large van or "coaster". Third, we all get one boat together so the "Guam group" gets to pick where we want to go!

Meet the Philippines travel gorilla: He'll answer almost every question you''ll have about traveling within the Philippines. 

HOW DO I GET MY TICKETS? Please contact us to assist you in arranging your air travel.

CANCELLATIONS / REFUNDS:  Our cancellation policy is totally dependent upon either (or both) the airline or resort cancellation policies. We have absolutely no control over these.  Generally there are no refunds within 30 days of your departure unless emergency, medical, or legal circumstances prevent you from going. The criteria for this would be military leave cancellations, deployments, and medical emergencies.  In such cases we will need documentation to verify the cancellation. 

In all cases AMT will retain $75 for administrative costs unless the refund is requested at least 45 days prior to the trip. Then a 100% refund will be issued. Airline tickets are the exception.