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Scubaguam Special Dive Trips



Why Malapascua?  Fours hours north of Cebu is the "picture perfect" island of Malapascua. I've been there in 2010, 2011, and 2013.  It's a lot better to show you what you'll see then write all about it here: Gato Island, the reefs of Malapascua pt1, the reef pt 2, the Thresher Sharks.   James McLoed has his Malapascua picture album here.

Is it easy to get there?  There are daily flights to Manila which connect to convenient flights to Cebu.  From there it's a 3 1/2 hour van ride, followed by a 35 minute boat ride to the island.  Leaving Guam at 8am gets you there by 5pm that day!


If you want to see Thresher sharks, Malapascua is THE place to go. There is not another area in the entire world that will give you the consistent opportunity to see these very unusual sharks. Take a video look here done in June 2013.

SEPT 8 2013 UPDATE: We will have at least one guided trip "Team Guam Expeditions" special trip to Malapascua in mid 2014. Stay tuned or get on the list now.

Thresher Shark Special / 12 Dives
    This is a typical package that you can extend!

Includes: 6 nights at the resort and all of the following:

Day 1: Afternoon arrival approx 5pm
Day 2: 3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 3: 3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 4:3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 5 : 3 tank boat dives with early am shark dive*
Day 6: depart 12PM 

All Meals included
transfers to and from the Cebu airport are included

*the early am dive can be skipped once you have a good shark encounter. Or you can continue to do them.

free wifi at the restaurant 

$$798  per person*   

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED: Airfare, Manila airport transfers, airport taxes, martime taxes, and sanctuary fees if applicable, Nitrox. Airfare should be approx $600, or you can use your miles on United or Philippine airlines.  *Price might fluctuate slightly due to the peso/dollar exchange rate. If you use Philippine airlines an overnight in Manila or Cebu is required.

We can get you very special and personalized rates.  info@scubaguam.com


-all transportation to and from the Cebu airport to the island.

-All meals are included.

-4 days of diving with 3 dives a day, total of 12 dives.  Additional dives or a night dives are optional and can be paid direct there. Nitrox packages are available but not included.    Almost every dive will be no deeper than 75 ft or shallower.

-Deluxe air conditioned rooms adjacent to the dive shop for 5 nights. 

-Unlimited free internet service at the dive shoo restaurant.

-One trip to Gato Island (the special island that we dive underneath and come up on the other side.

-Nitrox: Nitrox is not included but if If you want nitrox the fee is $85 for all dives.


When to go? Although you can go there anytime,we feel the best time to go is anytime between mid March through late June. The weather should be very good. The water temp will be between 79-82 degrees so we recommend a 2 or 3mm wetsuit. A full suit of some kind is highly suggested due to the plankton and no seeums in the water. Another consideration should be that the sun rises earlier as we get closer to the summer months, which means more "bottom light" at the early morning thresher shark dives.

Why no airfares? Airfare to Manila changes constantly.  To get the best rates check with Miriam at ITSA Gateways Travel.  671-645-4871.


DON'T GET LEFT AT THE AIRPORT! Your passport can't expire within 6 months from your return date of travel. Please check the expiration date. We'll need your name exactly as it's on your passport, your date of birth, and your phone number after your reservations are confirmed.


If you are going to arrange your own air travel you can pay that directly to the airline or the travel agency. If you are looking for a very good travel agency I would recommend Miriam McKeena at ITSA Gateways (671-645-6871 or 727-2015). They have specialized in dive and adventure travel in the western pacific longer than any other agency on island. She consistently gets the lowest rates possible.

CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: We have absolutely no control over airline reservation cancellations and if you haven't booked your flight with ITSA you'll have to contact the airline.  Due to international bank transfer time limitations there are no refunds within 30 days of your departure unless emergency, medical, or legal circumstances prevent you from going. The criteria for this would be military leave cancellations, deployments, and medical emergencies.  In such cases we will need documentation to verify the cancellation but there is no guarantee of a partial or full refund.  This is determined by the individual resorts policy on refunds.  In all cases ITSA will retain $75 for administrative costs.

Can you extend your dates for this trip?  Yes. Let me know how many more days you want to stay there.  I can give you a quote.

Are there any extra fees not included: Yes...but not much.

Marine Sanctuary fee: I've included the normal sanctuary fees but if we go to an island that's not normally on the list there will be a fee for this.  It's usually not much.

Airport taxes:  Each airport in the Philippines has it's own departure tax.  Usually it's between 30-50P (40P to the US dollar as I write this).  The Manila domestic airport has a 200P domestic departure, and the departure tax is 550P when we leave Manila to come back to Guam.  Overall figure about 1,000P ($23-24) to cover the taxes taxes.

Misc porter fees:  If you want these plan on approx P20 per bag.

Ice Cream fee: Depending upon what you buy.  We make a MANDATORY ice cream/comfort room stop on the way there and back to the airport.

How much extra money to bring? Lots of travel tips are here.

How do you get on the trip? Send me an email at info@scubaguam.com


Guam Diver comments:

Reed Nelson: "The trip to Malapascua was a very enjoyable experience. The resort
accommodations were excellent. The food was terrific (if not too much).
The diving more than lived up to expectations. The opportunity to see the
thresher sharks was thrilling. I would say that this was a great dive
trip all around."

Alice Leliukas: "All around one of my top dive trips! The dive shop could not have been
more accommodating with good food, good selections and great drinks. NO
worries about my gear, always ready to jump into and drop in, really
spoiled us all week.

Of course the critters were fantastic! The PI in general has such diversity, but the blue ring octopus was a real find.  Huge beautiful nudibranchs and even saddleback anemone fish! Corals and fans, pigmy and full size seahorses, and on and on.

Banka boat photo by James McCleod