"Adventure Kosrae"

If you looking for an out of the way dive or "soft" adventure holiday where there is a good chance that you and your fellow explorers will be the only visitors on the dive boat or at the resort for that matter, this is the place to go. Like Pohnpei (and unlike anywhere else in Micronesia), Kosrae has high mountain rain forests whose peaks are often shrouded in a cloud layer.

The water is crystal clear, nearly all dives are a leisurely drift with the boat waiting for you as you surface


Kosrae is simply a lush beautiful island. Period. While not having the wide diversity of diving attractions that you'll find in Truk, Yap, and Palau it is far better than Guam. The hard corals here are everywhere on some of the healthiest reefs you'll find anywhere.

The best thing about Kosrae, other than the people, is that it's a great "combo" trip with both diving and land eco trips. It is also a perfect 5-6 day trip for non divers as well.

The air fare may cost a bit more, but that nearly guarantees you'll probably be the only dive boat at every site.


We represent 2 of the 3 resorts on the island, Kosrae Nautilus and Pacific Tree Lodge. They are located about a 1/4 mile apart and have the mangroves in their "back yard". Please take a look at their websites to help you decide which one you'd prefer.

See before you go. These are a few of the videos we did for our Diver Below tv series .Kosrae Overall--- Lelu Ruins--- Plane Wreck

PRICES? Below are representative prices we have for each resort. These prices are all lower than what you can get by contact

Resort with Links:
double occupancy
62.50 ea (5)
$81.40 (1)
single occupancy
$100 (5)
$132 (1)
2 tank dive (3)
$114 (3, 4)
$122 (3)
3 tank dive (3)
$ 131 (3, 4)
$158 (3)


(1) all hotel taxes and airport transfers included. Rooms are air-conditioned with two double beds, a refridgerator, minibar, tea/coffee making facilities, 26-channel cable TV, direct-dial telephones, wireless internet access, solar water heaters, and daily room service.

(3) lunch, tanks, weight belt incl. Diving on Sundays is not allowed so plan your trip accordingly.

(4) scuba rental pkg is included if staying at Pacific Tree Lodge. No computer incl.

(5) all hotel taxes and airport transfers included. Rooms have two queen beds, air conditioning, mini bar, cable TV, WiFi access, private phone line and hot water

Why the difference in price between hotels?   Each operator sets their own prices so these are reflected in the overall package price. To give you the best comparison I've made the packages identical.

Flights to Kosrae are on the "island hopper" that continues through the islands to Honolulu. They depart from Guam on Monday and Friday and leave around 9-9.30AM. There are two 45-minute stops, one in Chuuk and one in Pohnpei along the way, and the flight arrives in Kosrae around 3.55PM local time. The plane returns to Guam on Saturday and Tuesday, stopping at Pohnpei and Chuuk again.

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How do you get on the trip you choose? Send us an email at travel@amtguam.com or call 671 654-2933