Japanese Val Bomber


This Japanese warplane rests on a reef that slopes from 30 feet to the bottom of the harbor at 110 feet. The shallowest part of the plane fuselage is at approximately 60 ft. The plane lies upside down with its engine in 95 feet of water. Only one wing is still attached.

The other lies approximately 20 yards to the east from the body of the plane. This site is approximately 200 yards east of the American Tanker.

DIVING TIP: Visit the plane first, make a 10-15 minute dive to see all of it, and then ascend and swim west along the upper reef.  There are remains of concrete barges and other interesting coral formations and reef fish throughout the area.


Depth Ranges: 90-120   Exp Level: Any   Access by boat    Avg Vis: 30-70'   GPS: 13.27.48N, 144.38.12E