American Tanker


The American Tanker is a large concrete barge that was used during World War II to transport fuel from the United States to Guam. It was one of five barges that were brought to Guam and the remains of the others can be seen along the breakwater. The tanker was used as a fuel storage and transfer "dock" for visiting ships and ws then sunk after it was no longer needed.
This is a great dive for those with an interest in wrecks but little or no experience diving them is necessary. It also has some opportunities for experienced wreck divers to explore more deeply.

CAUTION: Do not breath any of the trapped air in the upper areas of the compartments. This air is very toxic.

Follow the marker buoy down and you will see the looming shape of the tanker, which has become alive with a wide variety of small coral colonies and tropical fish. The rear deck of the tanker has one bulkhead opening to the inside of the barge machinery room.  This area is very accessible and has a large opening to the upper deck.  This area is used for training wreck diving students.  

The pilot house, which was always manned by one seaman steering the barge as it was being towed, is very easy to enter and exit.  This is a favorite place for tropical fish feeding. There are two more small deck houses but most of this barge was used to store fuel so the openings into the lower holds, which are completely empty, are very small and a tight fit.

Most divers go to the upper shallow reef and around the coral heads and explore the artifacts still present there. This is also a great shallow safety stop area

See the history of the barges and great beer story, "I remember one trip that we put 144 cases of beer in Jacquette's boat. We took it over to Cabras Island and stored it in a cave we had located along with some sake we found." Theres more to this story!

Depth Ranges: 50-120'   Exp Level: Novice   Acess: boat    Avg Vis: 40-70'

GPS: 13.27.35N, 144.37.58E