Surprise Reef


This reef, located just southwest of Western Shoals, is named "surprise" because it's one of the few reefs in the harbor that is truly pristine, and rarely visited by divers.

It's located very near Anchor reef and is just a large sea mount that rises from the 120' harbor bottom with a small flat reef on the top at 44'.  The upper reef is almost 100% covered with corals and sponges, and it's almost impossible to actually see the structure of the reef below them.

There is a very large anemone colony (25' long) on the southwest side of the reef flats, and it's not uncommon to see a shark passing by. Like many other reefs in the harbor, there are numerous large "elephant ear" sponges on the top and at the bottom

Depth Ranges: 45-120   Exp Level: Any   Access by boat    Avg Vis: 40-75'   GPS: 13.27.35N, 144.37.58E