Japanese Seaplane

Japanese Zero


This is an easy beach dive, and offers both a pleasant reef and interesting wrecks.

To get to the site, you must have access to the Naval Base. Once on the base, follow the main road until you get to the Sumay Cove marina. Instead of following the road uphill to Gabgab beach, continue straight past the Coast Guard building. This is the location of the Pan American clipper landing.  There is a sign that says “Japanese Sea plane.” Follow the road until you see two rusted pier pilings and a small parking area.

These piers were built by the Seabees in late 1944 to moor supply ships.  The entire area was used as a supply base for the planned invasion of Japan.

DIVING TIPS: This is a rocky shore entry as most of the piers have collapsed.  Swim over to the western pier and head directly out (north) from it. Descend to about 60 feet and you will find a cable heading into the harbor. The visibility can quickly change from 30 to less than 15 ft. Follow the cable down to about 85 feet, where you will find the plane.

Once you have explored the plane gradually ascend to about 30 feet and follow the reef line east. You'll pass many anemones and a large metal box-like structure, which is approximately in front of the eastern pier.

A second plane: To the right of the eastern most pier at about 20 ft and you'll find a plane’s wing and cockpit. Both are upside down. They are overgrown with coral and the only thing marking it is one of the wing tire struts is extending above the wing.   This is not a seaplane and while excavating this many years ago we found it has the headrest support for the pilot that is identical to a Zero fighter.   There are other zeros here.

Depth Ranges: 45-120   Exp Level: Any   Access by boat    Avg Vis: 40-75'   GPS: 13.27.35N, 144.37.58E