Gab Gab Second Reef


Slightly more challenging than Gab-Gab beach on Naval Station, diving to Gab-Gab II begins with a long snorkel or blue water dive out from the main GabGab reef.

Compass directions: The reef is approximately 230 yards directly north of the Glas monument at the Gab Gab parking area. The site is used by the Atlantis submarine, which allows tourists to view the reef.

The top of the reef is about 50 feet, where large schooling fish can be found. The Atlantis operation provides food stations on the reef so they are quite tame and will swarm around divers.

There are several varieties of anemones on the reef, and sponges and soft corals also make this a very interesting dive. From time to time there are several nurse sharks that can be seen arond the feeding stations.

CAUTION: Although they are very docile do not touch them and always leave a path for them to eascape.

If you are in a private boat or coming from the beach, advise the Atlantis crew that you would like to dive in the area before submerging. The submarine itself is interesting to look at, but due to the thrust motors being outside the hull, do not get closer than 50 feet. 

Drections from Parker Van Hecke:



  1. Enter water at ladder and plant flag at regular staging area about 75 yards out.
  2. Snorkel North to buoy.  Descend on rope or gradually descend  to 40 feet.
  3. Heading 330 degrees - feeding station is to the left of two elephant ear fans (adjust for current)
  4. Heading 0 degrees  to main feeding station
  5. Heading 270 degrees to another feeding station 15 kick cycles and then
  6. the reciprocal heading of 90 degrees back to the main feeding station
  7. Heading 90 degrees for 14 kick cycles to two buoys and anemone
  8. Heading 100 degrees for 15 kick cycles to another feeding station
  9. Heading 125 degrees to turtle nest at East end of the reef
  10. Heading 190 degrees to large anemone bed
  11. Heading 180 degrees for 4 to 5 minute open water crossing to Gab Gab I reef.  You must have a compass to make this underwater crossing.
  12. Heading 270 to 240 degrees approximately, follow the reef back to starting point.

                  Large anemone at 45 feet
                  Bare rock with coral “wart” reference at 40 feet

  1. Heading 240 degrees up the reef to return to the flag.



Depth Ranges: 50-120'   Exp Level: Experienced (min 10 dives) Access Beach or boat    Avg Vis: 40-70'