Diving to Gab-Gab 3 is definitely a skill challenge! It begins with a long snorkel or blue water dive out from the main GabGab reef. This reef lays about 100 yards north northwest of Gab Gab 2 reef.

Compass directions: The reef is approximately 350 yards from the Glas monument at the Gab Gab parking area. You first have to navigate to Gab Gab 2, then swim over the reef to the cleaning stations, and then do a "blue water" compass nav swim headig approximately 330 degrees.

TIP: Due to the distance out from the main Gab Gab reef always stay at or above 30' (even crossing Gab Gab 2) and don't descend. Gab Gab 2 drops off to over 120' and then (if you're followiong the compass correctly) you'll see Gab Gab 3 rise up. To return descend back to 30' and head 190 degrees all the way back to the main reef. Allow plenty of air to head back!

The top of the reef is about 50 feet with many schooling fish and it's not unusual to see turtles and larger pelagic species. This is one of the reefs that the nurse sharks sleep at, but it's at the bottom.

Similar to Gab Gab 2 there are many varieties of anemones, sponges, and soft corals on the reef.

CAUTION: Although they are very docile do not touch them and always leave a path for them to eascape.

Depth Ranges: 50-120'   Exp Level: Experienced   Access Beach or boat    Avg Vis: 40-70'