Gab Gab First Reef


Gab-Gab beach is located on the US Naval Station. This is probably the most popular beach and reef dive for most divers on Guam. This very easy beach dive is accessible only if you can get on the Naval Station. Otherwise, a boat dive is the only option.  

You can enter and begin your dive at a number of different locations, the most often used is directly to the right of the monument.  A popular training area is in the salt water pool area, and divers can also enter over the beach to the west of the pool.

The reef slopes downward to about 120-130' sandy bottom. The dive offers an abundance of corals and sloping reefs. Anemones and various invertebrates dot the coral reef, which also offers good hiding places for turtles. This also makes a good night dive, as entry and exit are quite easy and conditions usually mild.

Depth Ranges: 10-120'   Exp Level: Novice/Snorkel acess Beach or boat    Avg Vis: 30-70'