Anchor Reef


This flat reef is located approx 1/4 mile from Sumay cove on Naval Station. The reef peaks at 60 feet and slopes on all sides down to the bottom of the harbor at about 120 feet. The reef is rectangular shaped, about 50 yards long on the top and is oriented east to west.

This reef is home to at least 30 large (3 to 4 feet) sponges that resemble elephant ears. Most of them are colored a bright iridescent blue and violet. There are many small clusters of corals that have colonizee and nudibranchs and shimp lide in them.

Two 25,000-lb. anchors sit on the top of the reef.  It is assumed that they wereused for a mooring of some type but no one knows for sure. Many small anemones are on top of the reef. This is a "scrounge” reef and many small war artifacts can still be found around the reef. Approxmatiely 75 yards from the west tip of the reef is another "sea mount" that rises up to 50ft. To get to this reef swim west southweat for a couple of minutes at 40 ft.

Depth Ranges: 58-120'   Exp Level: Any   Access by boat    Avg Vis: 40-70'   GPS 13.26.56N, 144.38.48