Tokai Maru


The Tokai Maru was built in 1930 as a combined passenger ship and long range freighter. It's 440 feet long and 60 feet wide and has two large diesel engines and five cargo holds.

The Tokai was damaged by the USS Flying Fish and later sunk by the USS Snapper (both United States fleet submarines) in World War II. Coincidentally, the ship sunk adjacent to the SMS Cormoran, which was sunk during World War I. This is a unique site because it holds two wrecks from two separate wars.

Go here for the complete history of the Tokai including the sinking report from the submarine that torpedoed it.

The Tokai is lying at on steep incline on her port side and is in very good condition considering her age.  This is a very big ship and divers can see the entire length by staying between 60-80ft and swimming slowly over the main deck.

Bomb damaged can be found on the bow and the actual torpedo hole that sunk her is in the #4 hold.   There is very little in the holds and there's still crude oil trapped in the forward "tween" decks.

The shallowest part of the wreck is at the forward part of the bridge, around 45ft, and the deepest deck level is at the stern around 80ft.  There are at least 4 depth charges, which look like large barrels, laying in the silt inside the stern on the port side.  You can clearly see these, but don't touch them. NOTE: The Tokai is a perfect wreck for NITROX divers.

The German ship SMS Cormoran can be found by following the side contours directly below the aft portion of the bridge down to 80 feet.

WARNING: DO NOT enter any shipwreck without the proper training and equipment. Six divers have paid the ultimate price of their lives while diving inside wrecks here on Guam.   Do not breathe the air trapped inside the wreck. It can be very toxic!

Depth Ranges: 45-120   Exp Level: Any   Access by boat    Avg Vis: 25-40'   GPS: 13.27.34N, 144.39.23E