Seabee Junkyard


The Seabee Junk yard is about 200 yards west of the American Tanker.  This area was used as a dumping ground after WWII for a variety of equipment used in construction projects on Guam, mainly the building of the Glas Breakwater.

Numerous bulldozers, wheeled equipment, large outboard propulsion units*, and large piping systems make this an interesting dive. This35' area extends oyt to a sloped wall that also has other construction materials.

*The propulsion units, looking like giant outboard motors, were used to push the barges around the harbor. The barges were then sunk to make a foundatiion for some of the breakwater. See Tanker for more information on these barges.

For more advanced divers, find the large coral mound south of the bulldozers at 50 feet and follow the bottom contours down to 130 feet where you'll find another very large bulldozer sitting upright on the bottom. 

Depth Ranges: 30-50'   Exp Level: Any   Access by boat    Avg Vis: 40-80'   GPS: 13.27.21N, 144.37.43E