JMP Maru


This small long liner was found by James Avery, Mike Mcelrath, and Pete Siguenza so we named it after them.  It's located in 165' at the mouth of the harbor just a little north of the green entrance buoy.

There's all kinds of speculation how it got here and there's some suspicion that it was set adrift during typhoon Paka, possibly for insurance claims.  Since it was never reported missing this is a distinct possibility.

To get to the wreck follow the buoy chain down until you can see the sandy bottom.  Then swim due north for no longer than 2 minutes and you should see the wreck below.  If you don't, go back and try again.

The wreck is laying on its right (starboard) side facing south and is full of nets and fishing buoys. Over the years many fish have taken shelter in the wreck.  There's still a lot of netting on this wreck so be careful if you get close to it.

The reef to the south of the buoy, Veckis Reef, which comes up to 15-20 ft, makes a very good decompression stop area to explore.

CAUTION: This is a very deep dive and you have to plan for depths between 140-165' and decompressing. There are also deep currents that are present during tide changes. 


Depth Ranges: 140-160'   Exp Level: Very Experienced  Acess by boat    Avg Vis: 60-100'   GPS: N13 27.054, E144 37.409