Dumaguete, Philippines Dive Trip Specials.

Why Dumaguete? The best thing we can suggest is for you to ask anyone who has gone there with us about how they enjoyed it.  We'll gladly give you references.

Want to see what the previous groups have done? Go right here and watch.


Every picture you see here was taken in or near Dumaguete.

(3 dives daily) per person, based upon dbl occupancy. 
Mikes Dauin Beach Resort
These rates are based upon departing to Manila in the morning, and connecting to a Dumaguete flight in the early afternoon. Rates based on double occupancy. Single rate supplement applies.

4 Nights  3 Days, 9 dives


3 dives daily, per person, based upon double occupancy. Price can be lower if you want 3 in a room!

5 Nights  4 days, 12 dives


3 dives daily, per person, based upon double occupancy. Price can be lower if you want 3 in a room!

6 Nights  5 days, 15 dives


3 dives daily, per person, based upon double occupancy. Price can be lower if you want 3 in a room!

Make your own special trip!


We can design any package for up to 4 dives a day and for any length of time. Single occupancy or up to 3 in one room.

En-suite standard room with king size or twin beds with AC, hot water and cable TV.
Free wi-fi in your room.
Transfers to and from airport or pier in Dumaguete.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner with 1 soft drink per meal.
All dives in Dauin and/or Apo Island.
Guide, weights, tanks.
All Dauin & Apo marine park and sanctuary fees.
Special NITROX bonus: Add only $10 for each day you want to use Nitrox. Yes, that's for the whole day.

Why Mikes Dauin Beach Resort? We've been there 6 times in a row and the service, quality of diving, food, and staff are consistently excellent.   A special Mikes Dauin Beach Resort video that WE did is here.  Everything including the resort and rooms is shown in the video.

Every picture you see here was taken in or near Dumaguete.


You have many more choices, and we're here to give them all to you. Please take 30 seconds to tell us what you'd like to do.

Why I love going to Dumaguete is right here. Take 4 minutes to watch it.


OK, What's NOT included in the package prices?   Marine Sanctuary Fees which are determined by the location we dive at.  Whale Shark trip surcharge, Camera fees, Manila and Dumaguete departure fees (presently 75P at Dumaguete and 550P at Manila),  Airfare.

The Whale Shark trip cannot be guaranteed if the resort doesn't have enough guests to go to Oslob, which is a two hour boat ride south.  This trip also includes more dives at an island nearby and will be substituted for one of your 3 tank dive days.  There are additional fees for this trip to cover the fuel and Oslob permits.  It's well worth the trip.

Our special prices are valid through Fall 2015 unless revised by Mikes.


Pete's comments on the diving there: There are two types of diving in Dumaguete: nearby Dauin coastal dives and off shore super reefs! Almost all dives are between 10-70' and are usually longer than an hour. Coastal dives are brown volcanic sand with patch reefs and literally thousands of critters. Macro photographer's heaven.  Very little or a slow current. The super reefs are at Apo Island, 34 min away. Covered with soft and hard corals, huge sponges, sloping walls, oceanic schooling fish. Gentle to moderate drifts. Stunning.

What will you see on the coastal dives? This is a small sampling.

Octopus - mimic octopus, blue ringed octopus, etc; Seahorses - large and small, along with a variety of pygmy seahorses and pipefish; Cuttlefish - flamboyant is awesome; Frogfish and Scorpionfish in a multitudginable Banded sea kraits (Sea Snakes large and small); Eels - blue ribbon, moray, spotted, snake eel, yellow spotted, snowflake eel; Nudibranchs, nudibranchs, and more nudibranchs - hundreds of different ones can be spotted; Shrimps and Crabs galore; Turtles.

What will you see in Oslob? (2 hr boat ride): Whale Sharks! At least 4-5 and one time (Sept 2014) we saw 8. Very close, within 3'!

Meet the Philippines travel gorilla: He'll answer almost every question you'll have about traveling within the Philippines. 


HOW TO GET THERE FROM GUAM: We highly recommend that you plan on going on the morning United or Philippine Airlines flights. These will connect to an afternoon flight on PAL Express (Philippine airlines domestic carrier) and you'll be at Mikes by 4:30 pm. If you can't make these flights, there is an evening flight on United to Manila. This option will require that you overnight in Manila as they don't connect to any flights to Dumaguete. Then catch the next morning flights to Dumaguete. You'll arrive in time to make at least 2 dives that day.

RETURNING TO GUAM FROM DUMAGUETE: Take the afternoon flight on PAL Express which will connect with a late evening flight to Guam on United or Philippine airlines. Another option is to plan your trip to return on the United flight Wed, Sat, or Sunday late morning and get back to Guam in the afternoon. This will require an overnight in Manila. We can get you a room at a convenient hotel, and they offer a free shuttle to the Mall of Asia (about 50 restaurants and major shopping).


HOW TO GET THERE FROM OTHER LOCATIONS: If you can plan your flights to arrive in Manila in the morning before 10:30am, you can connect to the afternoon flight to Dumaguete (above). If not, plan on overnighting in Manila and catch the next morning flights to Dumaguete. You'll arrive in time to make at least 2 dives that day.

RETURNING TO OTHER AREAS FROM DUMAGUETE: The resort can take you to the airport any time after 6am, so you could then plan your return out of Manila after 12pm.

HOW DO I GET MY GUAM-MANILA-GUAM TICKETS? You can do this yourself on-line. Hint: book it far in advance for the lowest on-line prices. Before you book your air PLEASE contact us as these flights have a tendency to change rather quickly.

HOW DO I GET MY MANILA-DUMAGUETE-MANILA TICKETS? On-line ticketing is very easy, and you'll get the best price.

PAYMENTS: All air travel if paid directly to the airline. All payments for the trip go to Axe Murderer Tours. Payments accepted at either of two locations: AMT Beach House in Hagatna or the Andersen Family Dive Center on AAFB.

DEPOSIT: Please note that these trips are very popular so we're not kidding when we say, get your deposit in early. An initial deposit of $300 of the dive package is required to make a reservation. The deposit "holds" your spot on the trip. The balance of payment must be done no later than 45 days prior to your departure.


How do you get on the trip you choose? Send us an email at travel@amtguam.com or call 671 654-2932