"Adventure Anilao"

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This picture was taken at "Twin Rocks".

Hello and thank you for your interest in going to Anilao.

Anilao is an absolutely great small critter dive destination and also very different from Dumaguete. I’ve been there 4 times over the years. The on shore reefs are much healthier and the diving just as easy. It’s a perfect area for photography and general reef divers who like to plod along and watch the action on the reef. NOTE: Unlike Dumaguete, unless something really unusual happens on the trip, there are no big fish there. Schools of jacks, occasional barracuda, travalles, YES, but rarely seen are sharks.

Divers go there for photography of tons of small critters and Anilao is known as the world nudibranch king!

TRAVEL DATES and TIMES: I’m trying to keep the dates that will coincide with the United flights in the morning both to and from Manila. The flights are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Another advantage to this is that we get picked up around 9:30 AM on our arrival day and also we can get either one or two dives in that afternoon. The van ride is about three hours. Coming back can coincide with the late evening flight every day from Manila, or the morning return flights on Wed, Sat, and Sunday.

Two different resorts were mentioned quite a bit, Crystal Blue and Club Ocellaris. Club Ocellaris doesn’t have a website but you can read the reviews on Trip Advisor on both places.

WHAT WILL YOU SEE THERE? Just watch this!

OK, If you’d like to join me please let me know asap. pete.