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PHILIPPINE TRAVEL? Here is a ton of info about going there, the airports, fees, tips, and what flights to get and which ones to avoid. MICRONESIA TRAVEL? Anything unique about traveling in Micronesia? How do you plan your trips? Things to Bring? It's all right here.
Do your underwater pix really suck? Do people find an excuse to leave quickly when you show them your photos? How would you like to improve them? DID YOU KNOW that an ocean liner sunk in Apra Harbor? Yes, it did, and we dove in the swimming pool. Do you know that there's still a missing ship in the harbor?
What your instructor didn't teach you. We've got a lot of "no nonsense" info directly from other fellow divers for you. Even if you've been diving for awhile, there's some very good tips here. The history of the Guam dive shops and the cast of characters who owned them actually goes back to diving with Jacques Cousteau! One owner sold his partners share of the business and took off with $50,000.
Every diver wants to see a shark. But what should you do when you see one? This primer on "How to dive with Sharks" gives us the "old time" divers inside scoop. Sharpen your knife! Who or what is Scubaguam.com? Why was this website started and who is "behind" it? Information to read when you have nothing else to do.
Is the diving in this region really that good? If the only place you've ever dove is here, how do you compare different areas? Wouldn't it be nice to go on a boat dive and look lke you know what you're doing? There are a lot of tips here from fellow divers.
Current diving can be a lot of fun or turn into a horrible experience. Listen to what many other divers say about it. Guam's Spinner Dolphins and Pilot Whales. We are one of the very few places in the world that you can see them every day by boat.
Underwater mating! A brand new and totally different underwater specialty course. Limited time offer! Does the Buddy System in diving really work? You might want to read this to get a different perspective on it.
Got a Video Camera or GoPro? We've got some great tips on how to take video, closeup and wide angle video right here. United takes us all over Micronesia every day.